A Beer Adventure at Cape Town Festival of Beer

Cape Town Festival of Beer 2015


Cape Town Festival of Beer is the most epic beer adventure you’ll ever embark on and definitely the best way to kick off summer! I love that each year the participating breweries change so that you get to sample some of the newer craft beers on the market.

This year the live music line-up for Friday night was top-notch, with the likes of Nomadic Orchestra and Grassy Spark taking to stage – although, Saturday always attracts the largest crowd and the most festive vibe. The weather is always impressive, and what else would you spend a scorcher of a Saturday doing in Cape Town if not gulping down some ice cold beer??

It was fun exploring the array of ciders on offer this year, and I must say, Sxollie was the most impressive in my view. Their Golden Delicious variety is so crisp and refreshing, while their pear version is drier and a little less sweet. Their branding is also edgier and more modern than most. Cluver and Jack make a delicious cider too though.

Cape Town Festival of Beer 2015: longbeach


Red Sky Brew made for a rather interesting experience with their smoky bacon beer, which tasted like a bacon and banana breakfast. It was a lot of fun to taste, but nothing I could consistently drink. Their branding story was really interesting. The owners and operators were once in a long distance relationship and spent a lot of time flying back and forth to see each other. They also lived near a small aerodrome in Stellenbosch at another point, where they’d marvel at the red sunsets. Hence the aviation theme and the name “Red Sky.”

Brew Dog’s Dead Pony Pale Ale was voted best beer of the festival, but sadly I didn’t get a taste of it. One of the standouts for me though was Long Beach’s Blonde Ale, which was so smooth and balanced. I don’t appreciate the bitterness of IPA so other ales and lagers are always my favourite.

The food at the festival was yummo, and perfectly suited to soaking up the beer in your belly. Hog House’s brisket burgers were beyond incredible, as was Lotus Food Truck’s salt and pepper squid. Wicked Waffles’ beer waffles were everything and then some!

It was cool to see Graham Beck at the Festival this year, catering for those who don’t venture into beer at all. Unfortunately they didn’t offer any tasters, but we popped a bottle of bubbly anyway and head off to the dance floor. The Rockerfellas are a firm favourite at The Cape Town Festival of Beer, which is probably why they played during prime time on Saturday night.

The Jagermeister truck with Jager ladies in tow ensured that there was more than enough Jagermeister doing the rounds. Still, we made a few stops at the Jager bar before forcibly removing ourselves from the grounds. Until next year of course!

Cape Town Festival of Beer 2015: sxollie


Images by Jarret Johnson