A Charismatic Art Exhibition

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It’s not to late to visit the KZN North Coast Imbizo Gallery which is housing the “to the four winds” art exhibition until the 31st of July. This exhibition is about expanding thoughts and experiences in all directions.

The core of the exhibition is enveloped with the amazing textured paintings by KZN artist Jeannie Kinsler. The collection spells out connection to distant locations but with the profound awareness that we are all linked. Whilst viewing Jeannie’s paintings, I am transported to a dreamy space and a place of wondering. Who and what I am connected to? I am imagining…

jeannie kinsler_autumn leaves I  jeannie kinsker_autumn leave II

Drawing on the fact that life is full of possibilities whether in reality or one’s imagination – the exhibition pulls together other forms of interesting art elements – fashion and jewellery design.

Charismatic Terrence Bray’s incredible dresses of art reflects parts of paintings. The allure is incredible as the models walk around in chic style and sophistication. The colours and strokes on the fabric married well with the paintings. It was alive in natural colours and yet able to move you to another location and time. Even the shoes on all models and designer looked handmade and unique to the show.

In a timeless manner a wide range of jewellery by Cape Town based Frieda Luhl and Fine Ouce Goldsmiths Collective is showcased. Each piece is once-off and exclusive. The various jewellery pieces hung splendidly enclosed by natural wood. Even though the designs displayed are all different and unusual, they seemed to sing a melody together.

Adeline Jobert_fairytale rings

The bringing together of four groups of artists was a bold and charismatic approach to give to life “to the four winds” art exhibition. It was a blowing of winds from near and far to let one experience that indeed we are all connected.


The exhibition “to the four winds” runs until 31st July 2014 at Imbizo Gallery in Ballito Lifestyle Centre, Durban, KZN.

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