Frazer Parfum, handcrafted masterpieces


A perfume house in Cape Town created by, perfumer, Tammy Frazer.

Tammy conjures up organic and natural perfume products that she encloses in locally handcrafted containers made by true artists. Founded in 2008; Tammy personally sources the raw materials for each of her perfumes. The foundation of the magical displays of artisanal work that can be found on Rose Street, in her mustard yellow cocoon like oasis of smells.


The art of scent creations is in her genes, Tammy’s grandfather was the chemist and inventor, Graham Wulff, who was the owner and creator of Oil of Olay.

Tammy’s father also worked in the fragrance field; he worked for Givaudan, which is the Swiss manufacturer of flavourings and fragrances.


After being exposed to the industry all her life she single-handedly launched her own handmade perfumes now found in diverse locations across Europe, North America, UK, Ukraine, Oceania, Nigeria and South Africa.

And if you are able to visit the Frazer Perfum store in Cape Town, Tammy has being known to create bespoke scents.


You will find Tammy’s range of natural organic scents in three main forms; firstly, the Pure Parfum which is the most decadent method of perfumery, the liquid form. It contains the highest percentage of organic and natural raw materials. Secondly, the Parfum Solide the form that captures the fragrance in beeswax, allowing the wearer to melt the smell of heaven into their skin and finally you have the Shea Butter, which is an intense nourishing body butter.


I could spend hours in Frazer Perfume’s home on Rose Street, maybe you should do the same. Just in case you need anymore convincing I took some photos.










Frazer Perfum

9 Rose Street, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town

Words & Images by Melissa Bradley