Day of Reconciliation: Soweto Art & Craft Fair


What better way to spend some of your time appreciating real art, reminiscing on the good old times, spark back memories on the day of Reconciliation Day. Show some representation for your country and support the best arts and crafts Soweto has to offer. As the years have gone by The Soweto Art & Craft Fair has become a popular event boasting local entertainment, gumboot dancers, and handmade loveliness from hats to shoes, not to mention the beautiful art. It’s a day packed with fun and entertainment for the entire family.

The Soweto Art & Crafts Fairs has become a great start-up for local artists and designers, whether it’s showcasing theirs skills, aspiring designers, to their handmade products. This non-profit event is becoming more and more popular for Sowetoians and is an inspiring platform for the locals, where you can find young and older generations  buzzing with enjoyment.

It’s the perfect place at the perfect time of year. The event is held on Reconciliation Day.  Activities at the Soweto Art & Craft Fair will commence at noon and runs till 7pm. Keep an eye on your watch because 4pm to 5pm is #HAPPYHOUR, so take a break or continue with all the activities and make the most of this bonus benefit.


It’s the perfect Day of Reconciliation pits stop if you want to see the festiveness going on in your town, as entrance is free and inside awaits dancers, a beautifully decorated theatre and a venue packed with excitement and entertainment. You can also find very impressive and top-quality handmade shoes, beaded accessories, the perfect Christmas gifts. As well as colourful sun hats, beautiful printed bags and graphic printed Soweto t-shirts. And of course some of the best local art work.

Relax and take a walk around the Soweto Theatre, chill out to some sweet tracks by BCUC & Tidal Waves plus many more talented singers, enjoy the art and some crafty crafts as the town sparks with liveliness. Loads of fun and entertainment, socialising and catch-ups with old friends on the day. It’s an ART affair not to be missed.


If you are an aspiring entrepreneur and you think your business is ideal for the Soweto Art & Craft Fair head on down to the fair & sign your business up.

Live music, poetry, dance, art & craft with a whole lot of proudly South Africans. Then this event is perfect for you. It’s all about celebrating the year, so if you are in the area be sure to pop by, and don’t miss out on the fun!

For the low-down on this event visit their Facebook page.