The wine industry has long been essential to the heart beat of Cape Town’s summer tourism, season pumping essential life into the city’s economy through exports. It doesn’t take long to realise that a large part of how life is shaped in these parts is dependent on the wine lands.

The closer you get to wine farms the more of their operations you witness. The Summer is naturally when the winelands are showered in glory, hosting a never ending stream of spectacular weddings and year-end events. Winter season is often when the restaurants at the farms & estates showcase Winter menus to rival any international culinary destination. A less noticed season on the Cape Town winelands calendar is the harvest season.

The way farms approach the harvest season is a key to the year ahead. The grape for the year sets the tone for the flavours of the wine; the flavours of the wine heavily influence the menus around town which are often prepared as a pairing. This year More Than Food heads to the fields to join the last of the grape picking and first of the stomping at Nederburg wine farm.








Words & Images by Anade Situma