Unite, Ignite and Create: The Avant Garden


Everyone has that item in their cupboard that is definitely not suitable for work, was more than likely bought on a whim, and you have “no where to wear it” but still absolutely love it! Well now is your chance to show it off.

The Avant Garden is a creative’s carnival that takes place this Saturday the 13th Sept. The 2nd annual Avant Garden event showcases Cape Town’s talent of all shapes, sizes and aptitudes. This event went off with a bang last year, and looks like this year will be even better.

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Even though The Avant Garden has a strong fashion undercurrent, it most certainly does not discriminate against any variation of creative expression. Expect to see live DJ’s, Cape Town’s trendiest, exhibitions of photo’s, fashion, furniture, finishes and fire performers.

The vision of this event runs with a gardening metaphor. The Avant Garden organisers being the Gardeners, the up-and-coming creative contributors being the seedlings and the established members of their respective industries and the general public are the nourishment these seedlings need. This event so cleverly sewn together will result in a flourishing garden of proudly South African creativity.

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This is how the young, fresh and trendy event will go down:

Green House- 12:00 -19:00 – featuring specially-selected ‘seedlings’ offering fresh, finger-licking food, avant garde art, an exhibition of unique & craft-y
creatives showcasing furniture to fashion, a rooftop garden in the heart of Cape Town’s city bowl & creative district, interactive, live performances & a
cash bar.
Tree House– 18:00- until late– featuring a live fashion showcase & shoot, professional photography, eclectic and electric electronic acts, a fully-stocked

The Avant Garden has stipulated the limitless dress code of “Edgy, expressive & fashion-forward”, so best you haul out that “no wear to where it” item and Cape Town’s green-fingered creative. At this point in time I’m thinking a badass boyfriend jeans paired this killer heels…however, this may change several times before Sat. See you there.