A garage is where most businesses begin, so why compromise on the kind of door that may be keeping your soon to be multi-million Rand company safe? We know that garages are the hub of inspiration, the storers of hidden gems, and the homes to our freedom-mobiles, that is why we at Garage Door Repair Vanderbijlpark know that when it comes to the security and safety of your garage, there is no compromise.

Garage door repair Vanderbijlpark

Why we do what we do

The whimsy and irony of the fact that our company started in a garage are just too much for us to handle, but having started small and knowing what we wanted, we used ourselves as the test dummies so you would always receive flawless service from us. We started off small behind a set of roll-up garage doors, those types of aluminum garage doors and we worked our way up to wooden doors and the double garage door, then we started flirting around with garage door motors and access control. However, nothing was a match for when we started dabbling in the art of security meets technology. The birth of the CCTV Camera systems, Wifi installations, TV Mounting for surveillance, and electric fencing took our business from the garage to a warehouse! Which by the way, all entrance and exit doors are still garage doors.

For more on one of many businesses that started in garages, click here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Willow_Garage

Our Services in a Nutshell

Overall we are into all things “garage door”, however, we also do extensive work with burglar bars, boom gates, gate motors, and your everyday security gate. We pride ourselves on our unmatched quality when it comes to garage door installation. More so, we have garage doors for sale both for the single and double garage doors. We provide roller garage doors and the more popular automatic garage door. In any material you like. We know when it comes to factories, they prefer the more durable aluminum garage doors that can withstand being opened and closed all day long, fully equipped with a heavy-duty motor. Whereas, homeowners tend to prefer the look of wooden garage doors as it is viewed as more aesthetically pleasing. No matter your flavor, we have got what you are looking for. And if we don’t we will custom make and design exactly what you are looking for.

To see the top 10 companies in the world that were started in a garage, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49OrFI_4NUg

Garage door repair Vanderbijlpark

Give us a quote

We provide great garage door prices, more so our quotes are obligation-free. And not to toot our own horn but our service is impeccable, according to our clients of course. We can give you great double garage door prices as well as wallet-friendly garage door installation. Customization may cost a little more, all depending on what you are looking for, but don’t worry, we ensure that you are getting fair and competitive pricing all around.

So give us a call today, we may just inspire you to make a gem out of your garage!